Winter Solstice Forest Fire Walk


Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of sunlight in the calendar year, the first day of winter, and has been a day of self-reflection for ancient cultures throughout history. Those with a heart seeking release from old habits and patterns that do not serve their future are invited to participate in a Forest Fire Walk at n*Everland Barnyard in Anamosa on Solstice Day. Free-will donations accepted.

Attendees are encouraged to write their intentions of release on paper, bark, or other natural items and walk the path of bonfires (representing the sometimes fiery and bumpy road we have traveled to get to this present moment) and allowing through fire, the symbolism of release from the stumbling blocks that continue to hold us back.

The teepee, in the heart of the n*Everland Barnyard village area will also provide attendees a spot out of the weather to write and gather before the fires light at sunset, (3:52!) on December 21. No food or beverages are currently planned at this time, as winter gatherings are exceptionally challenging at this outdoor venue. (This could change should enough volunteers come forward to make a food offering. Create a post thread below to suggest how food might be offered.)

Every attendee, no matter how they arrive at this event is entirely responsible for their own safety. The owners are not in any manner responsible for accidents.

This event is intended for those seeking greater connection to the Earth and others seeking the same. Please invite friends to this group who share similar intentions. Should December 21 prove to be an impossible day for fires, the celebrations will be moved to the Solstice Eve, Monday 12/20.

ALL announcements will be listed here in the event, so check this space for news and updates.